Quick Drop

Enhance Drag and Drop with Shortcut Actions

Drag and drop files to trigger shortcut actions, instead of multiple mouse clicks or complicated terminal commands.

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Shell Scripts

Quickly run any shell script to process files and folders

Demo: run shrinkpdf.sh to compress a PDF file


Quickly share any file with AirDrop.

Deep Linking

Customizable deep linking integrations.

Finder Integration

Quickly copy or move files to other folders.

Email Attachments

Quickly add attachments to new emails.

Apple Scripts

Quickly run Apple Scripts to automatically process files and folders.

... Coming Soon ...


Quickly execute Shortcuts workflows on files.

... Coming Soon ...

File Shelf

Add files to a floating panel for quick access from everywhere.

... Coming Soon ...


Add your own plugins to execute customized actions.

... Coming Soon ...

Launch Sale $5 ($10)
Discount Code: LAUNCHSALE

Payment processed securely by Lemon Squeezy
Price may vary due to VAT


Quick Drop monitors mouse position and executes shortcuts actions to process the files and folders dropped into notch area of your Mac. The shortcut actions can be: custom commandline script, Apple Scripts or Shortcuts workflows.

In the future, some functionalities would not work with App Sandboxing. Without App Sandboxing, the app can not be published in the Mac App Store.

To manage your license, you need to create an account on Lemon Squezy, our payment provider, using the same email you used at the time of purchase. Once you have created the account, you can manage your orders here. You can also find your existing license key following this instruction.

14-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. To do so, simply send us an email at quickdrop.antran.app@gmail.com. Please send me your feedback though. I'd love to improve the app to win you as my customer again.

The best way to reach out for support is to drop a message on X (twitter) or email quickdrop.antran.app[at]gmail.com. You can also use the following contact forms to report bugs or suggestion new features


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